Making Dreams Come True

Interview with
Mahdi Habibinejad ( Founder & Creative Director )

Have you ever experienced the same as this moment before?

[Smile so much]

Actually, I DO like this question so much. Lots of people including our followers have been repeatedly hearing this from us.

Whenever I ask this question I unbelievably get carried away by the way people reply.


Why have these emotions and feelings become so important for you to the point you’ve chosen your career based on them?

Watching and hearing people’s positive vibes like those of warm smiles, overwhelming emotions, and tears of joy make us move forward.

But, practically, designing and performing these kinds of surprises are way complicated, because in addition to looking deep into people's personalities under close scrutiny, what we do is to make all these things happen abruptly at once, as a result, we will no longer be having any further chance to do it again.


Why have you picked SurpriseMemorise as your brand’s title?

[smile a little]

Surprise… Memorise, both of these words remind us of specific and important meanings in our minds.

The word “surprise” is an unusual and joyful word as well as the memory which is being made upon that is so valuable that we keep both of them by their sides in our brand’s title.

Will you happen to design a new type of surprise subsequently?

A vast number of people have watched your surprise videos and consequently know how your scenarios go.

first I want to ask a question, whenever you go to the movies or to a shopping, will you be anticipating that someone surprise you all of a sudden?

absolutely NOT,

That’s true; although people have watched our videos so many times, if we surprised them again, they would never guess. Nobody would ever predict going to the movies or shopping simply for the sake of surprise.

As according to our official statistic, we’ve surprised more than 150 couples only by cinema surprise so far.

another thing is, in different situations, we may occasionally surprise people by a new and personalized story.


If you don’t mind, will you be able to let us know about your business outlook?

Not at all. I WILL tell you about our future, but solely not today and in this interview. You will see very soon Inshallah.

All of you deserve to be touched by positive moments; you all deserve to know the true color of love and affection; to know they’re all realities never could be denied.

So don’t miss out on watching surprises on Saturday Nights.